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Medium to dark skin tones

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There are many shades of skin, ranging from fair to black. Although the cutaneous structure is the same regardless of skin tone, the amount of melanin differs. Melanin levels cause skin to react differently to external elements and determine its particular phototype. To effectively care for your skin, it is essential to use products that are well-suited to your phototype . Medium to dark skin tones correspond to the highest of the 6 existing phototypes.

Definitions of skin types

What is medium skin tone ?

Medium skin tone corresponds to phototype 4. Brown hair, olive skin, and no freckles... Individuals with medium skin tone very rarely suffer from sunburn, and tan very rapidly and deeply.

What phototype is dark brown or black skin ?

Individuals with dark brown or black skin have phototype 5 to 6. Black hair, dark brown or black skin, and no freckles... Individuals with dark brown or black skin very rarely suffer from sunburn, although it is possible.

Dry skin, spots, sun... the different problems encountered by individuals with medium to dark skin tones

Dark brown and black skin in the sun

Dark brown and black skin are known to better withstand sunlight. However, a high phototype does not provide protection from its harmful effects. It was long believed that black skin needed very little care, due to its resistance to the sun and the fact that wrinkles tend to form at a much later age. And yet... Black skin is very fragile and requires special care. It easily shows signs of sun-induced damage, and pigmentation spots may take a long time to disappear without the use of a specific treatment. This is why well-suited skincare is necessary on a daily basis. One of the myths concerning black skin is that it needs no sun protection. That is completely false! Black skin is subject to sunburn, even though the higher levels of melanin provide greater protection than fair skin! On average, 15% of UV rays reach the deepest layers of the epidermis. It is therefore very important to use suitable sun protectionto prevent redness and spots.

Pgmentation spots in black skin : a well-known problem

Another problem in medium to dark skin tones is the formation of pigmentation spots. Age spots, blemishes, hormonal disorder... The causes causes of pigmentation spotsmay vary, but all lead to the appearance of darker skin areas. However, early treatment can diminish their visibility and even fully eliminate certain spots. This is why it is important to use products specifically suited to medium to dark skin tones in order to treat pigmentation spots.

Dry skin and hydratation

Dehydration is one of the main issues concerning medium to dark skin tones. In the dry and temperate western climate, these skin types tend to become dehydrated quicker as they are unable to effectively retain moisture.

Ensuring the beauty of black skin

Well-hydrated skin for a beautiful complexion

It is essential to replenish moisture dailyeven in oily skin types, using suitable products. The excess sebum visible on the T- zone must be treated regularly with a gentle, non-abrasive scrub. This is very effective and not harsh on the skin. Your skincare routine should include at least one gentle scrub per week. It is also important to apply a suitable mask once a week. Afterwards, it is best to choose mattifying moisturizers and serums, while adapting the products to the season. In fact, your skin changes and does not have the same needs in low temperatures as it does in high temperatures.

Daily skin care for medium to dark skin tones

In addition to daily hydration, which is a vital step in the skincare routine for medium to dark skin tones, do not forget to cleanse skinevery morning and remove makeup every evening. Even if you do not wear makeup daily, outdoor pollution leaves a thin layer over the skin that prevents your epidermis from breathing properly. To avoid dehydrated skin, use cleansing lotions, micellar water or gentle cleansing foams rather than soap that causes skin to dry out.

What should I do if I have oily skin ?

It is not because you have oily skin that you shouldn’t use a moisturizer! A gentle daily cleanser, followed by a moisturizing and mattifying product will help regulate sebum production. As oily skin is often subject to blemishes, don’t hesitate to complete your daily routine with a non-abrasive scrub, two to three times a week, followed by a clay mask that will purify the skin (do not use a scrub ( on acne-prone skin).

Attenuating pigmentation spots in black skin

Use an effective anti-dark spot product for medium to dark skin tones. And, to avoid aggravating the problem, or causing new spots to form, use sun protection with a high SPF when exposed to the sun. Also use products that help even out skin tone as part of your daily routine, in the form of cream or serum.

I have black skin. At what age should I start using anti-wrinkle products ?

Even if medium to dark skin tones tend to show signs of aging at a later age, it is important to use specific skincare to prevent wrinkle formation! It is recommended to begin using a suitable anti-wrinkle product at the age of 30.

And, don’t forget: the basis for beautiful skin, particularly in medium to dark skin tones, is to use a suitable moisturizer daily. The more familiar you are with your skin, its needs and specific characteristics, the better you will be able to care for it!

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