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Anti Dark Spot & Pure radiance bundle

Anti Dark Spot Power Factor 4 + Matifying and unifying fluid

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This high-performance anti-dark spot serum visibly reduces the appearance of all pigmentation marks, including age spots and traces of hyperpigmentation remaining after skin trauma or injury, such as breakouts, scars and other lesions on the face and body. Formulated with four active ingredients that act on four factors involved in the formation of dark spots, it provides targeted action to lighten dark spots, without depigmentation of the skin around them. The fine, silky texture sinks deep into the skin. Ideal for dark skin and phototypes III to VI, this excellent anti-dark spot serum is particularly effective.

This product contains 97% naturally derived ingredients.


This skincare product is particulary suitable for shiny, combination to oily skin types. The non-greasy and fine texture of Matifying and Unifying Fluid is instantly absorbed, leaving a velvety, soft and perfectky matte finish. It also enables easier and immediate application of make-up while ensuring long-term hold throughout the day.


This product contains 93% natural origin ingredients.

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Direction of use

Anti-Dark Spot Power Factor 4 : 

For intensive corrective action, use the Serum morning and evening for 8 weeks. For maintenance care, continue using the Serum every day, morning or evening, or as intensive treatment one week per month.
Apply the equivalent of 2 to 3 drops to clean, dry skin on the face, neck and décolleté. Pay special attention to dark spots by gently tapping with your fingertips. The Serum's fine, smooth texture is absorbed into the skin, penetrating into the very heart of the cells.

Matifying and Unifiying Fluid: 

Use on clean and dry skin, paying special attention to the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin).
The fine and fluid texture is instantly absorbed and enables immediate makeup application; It provides the prefect makeup base while facilitating the application of a foundation and/or powder and ensuring their wear throughout the day.

Active Ingredients

Anti-Dark Spot Power factor 4: 

4 powerful complementary ingredients that correct the 4 main factors, which cause dark spots to form:

  • TEGO® PEP 4-EVEN decreases the action of inflammatory hormones on melanocytes,
  • X50 PURE COMPLEX associated with ALPHA-MELIGHT™ reduces the formation of melanin in the melanocytes,
  • NEUROLIGHT.61 G weakens the message that triggers melanin production and diminishes melanin migration from melanocytes to keratinocytes,
  • DELENTIGO™ breaks down melanin and lipofuscin (age pigment).
Uneven and flawed skin tones are regulated. Pigmentation spots are attenuated in both intensity and size, without removing color from the area around the spot. Unsightly imperfections caused by pimples and scars are attenuated, and age spots are reduced. Shadowed areas underneath the eyes become lighter, the complexion appears more even, radiant and fresh. The effectiveness of Serum Power Factor 4 was tested on phototypes III to VI, on post-inflammatory spots and age spots.

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