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Nuhanciam and I


For each order, add 5% of your total purchase !

For each order on the site Nuhanciam.com, receive a discount equivalent to 5% of the full order, usable on your next orders.



Nadine orders 2 products on Nuhanciam.com for a total of 77€. Her payment is accepted, and she sees a €3.5 reward on her "NUHANCIAM & MEé account, which she can use when she orders next.

2 months later, Nadine makes a new order : on her loyalty account, she sees that the €3.50 reward for her last order has been converted to a discount voucher applicable to her current order.


To understand everything about the loyalty program go to our FAQ :

- What is the "Nuhanciam & I" loyalty program ?

The Nuhanciam loyalty program consists in an accumulation of rewards when you order from the site. You get €0.5 for every €10 spent. Once these rewards obtained, you can convert them into discount vouchers.

- How can I know how much my rewards amount to ?

To know the total amount of your rewards, you must access your account and click on the "My rewards" tab.

- How can I convert my rewards into discount vouchers ?

To convert your rewards into dicount vouchers, you must go to the "My rewards" tab. When your rewards total more than €5, you can convert your rewards by clicking "Transform my rewards into discount vouchers".

- How long are my discount vouchers valid ?

Once your rewards converted to discount vouchers, you have a year to use them.

- Can I use a voucher for a discount on the site ?

You cannot cumulate offers when there is already a discount on the site. You can either benefit from the current discount, or use the voucher you have obtained through the loyalty program.