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Formulation, active ingredients

  • What does "avant-garde active ingredients" mean?

Technology watch is a fundamental value at NUHANCIAM. We look for latest generation active ingredients in order to be the first to incorporate them in our formulas. We use patented active ingredients and combine them to obtain the best possible synergies in our formulations.

  • Why don't NUHANCIAM products have a sun protection factor?

NUHANCIAM products have no sun protection factor for 2 reasons:
- The formulation of a sun protection product is different from that of a classic day cream. In fact, sun filters - in order to be effective - must remain on the surface, which implies a specific formulation. The other active ingredients hence penetrate with greater difficulty and their effectiveness is reduced as a result.
- A sun filter or a sunscreen, even the most stable, cab only guarantee limited protection over time: this is why it is recommended to repeat the application of sun creams approximately every two hours. Given that a day cream is only applied once a day, the consumer is no longer protected past 9 or 10 o'clock in the morning.

  • Why does Gentle Scrub contain micro-particles and not fruit acids?

A scrub that contains fruit acids, or a chemical scrub, is more aggressive than a scrub with micro-particles, which provides mechanical exfoliation. Dark skin types being more sensitive than fair skin types, at NUHANCIAM we make it a rule not to use fruit acids for exfoliating dead skin cells.
However, we use perfectly spherical particles that gently and naturally lift away dead cells, ensuring spectacular and visible radiance-enhancing results on your complexion.



  • Can your products be used over the long term?

Each of our products undergoes a number of different tests that guarantee its safety before it is released on the market. There are no counter-indications for their use over long periods of time.

  • Can your products cause skin irritation or other secondary effects?

An allergic reaction is associated with individual sensitivity levels characterized by one or more components;
our products have been specially formulated to be well-tolerated although some skin types may nevertheless have a reaction to one of their components. In case of previous allergy history, we recommend that you test the product before its first-time use by applying a small amount to the fold in the elbow or behind the ear for 3 days.

  • Where are Nuhanciam products manufactured?

NUHANCIAM products are manufactured in France in a production plant complying with European standards of Good Manufacturing Practice. All our products undergo quality checks at all stages of the manufacturing process: from reception of raw materials to boxing up.

  • Are your products tested on animals?

No. None of our products are animal tested.

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